Increase your eCommerce sales
with same-day delivery.

Blink enables Direct to Consumer Brands to offer sustainable deliveries within 2 hours of the order, without any software nor logistics integration.

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Delivery experience

Phone displaying Blink time slots for a delivery.

Step 1 - Buy in major cities

Choose Blink at the checkout to receive your order on the same day. The service is active in Milan and Rome, rapidly expanding in the main Italian cities.

Step 2 - Track and edit

Check the delivery time, always updated. Changing plans? Modify the time slot or the shipping address.

Step 3 - Same day delivery

Get your orders delivered same-day, with sustainable vehicles and without bulky packaging.

Why offer the same-day delivery service?

Acquire new customers

Same-day delivery helps you to acquire new customers, facilitating impulse purchases and differentiating you from competitors in your sector and from marketplaces (e.g. Amazon).

Retain your customers

Offering same-day delivery means improving your customers' shopping experience. You will improve customers' loyalty and your Customer Lifetime Value will increase.

Become more sustainable

Blink prefers cargo-bikes, electric bikes and scooters. This pleases the planet as well as your customers.

6 out of 10 e-sellers plan to offer same-day delivery.

A big wave is coming to the eCommerce market. We are talking about same-day delivery. And like any wave, you can ride it or lose it. We want to help you surf it divinely.

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Find out how to implement Blink in your online store

Start selling products and deliver within 2 hours thanks to our "Digital Pop-up store". You can go live in a matter of days.

In a few days you'll be able to sell your products with same-day delivery.

In a few weeks, you will understand how much the sales of your flagship products vary with and without same-day delivery.

Zero fixed and implementation costs. The price of the service corresponds to a % on the cart.

The service in 5 steps


Blink develops a shopping page ("Digital Pop-up Store") exclusively dedicated to the same-day offer of your brand, customizing colours, fonts, etc.


With Blink’s support, you select which products to make available for same-day delivery (best sellers, higher-margin products, new launches, etc.).


Blink orders these products from you and keeps them in its urban warehouses. The stock is periodically replenished, depending on sales and seasonality.


Consumers can access the "Pop-up Store" through a link in your online store, your ADS or DEM campaigns, or via the list of active stores promoted on Blink’s website.


For each order on the "Pop-up Store", Blink takes care of picking, packing and delivery to the customer in the desired time slot. You will become more customer-centric.

“We chose Blink to offer sustainable and accurate delivery. The integration was simple, and since customers can choose the delivery time slot they are much more satisfied.”

Photo of Aesop's Cluster Manager
Giulia Pagano
Cluster Manager Italy @ Aesop

Let’s shape the future of your deliveries together.

Blink is the sustainable same-day delivery solution designed for eCommerce. We deliver same-day from our warehouses or from your stores. Offer your customers the joy of fast delivery!

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